Road Rides Northern Beaches

Anyone doing any road riding around my area, the beautiful Northern Beaches? Kuringai National Park is just around the corner from where I life. Would love to ride with people regularly without joining a club. Will ride most Saturdays and Sundays but am also open to ride after work from around 5.30pm. I love beer, only just got a road bike but will ride it a lot for cross training. Also fell in love with it.

I’m down, ive got a roadie now and no way i’ll ever join a club! keen for a no drop ride!

Is that Cam? Why are you not Cam anymore? Anyway lets ride together after Christmas is over and life has settled down to normal again.

Just got my old account disabled as that names had people from another forum giving me grief after a Foa member posted what I wrote on here !
Anyways keen for the new year I’ve got 3 weeks off work so I’ll be free!

Righteo mate. Will need to work but am free on the weekends.