Road rims - track hubs?

Hello all,

I’ve no experience and little knowledge of track racing but I’d like to give it a go. I have a frame coming soon so now I’m looking at basic (less expensive) entry level wheel options. I have a couple of old Mavic (CXP30) road wheels spare and I’m thinking of using the rims (36 and 32 holes) with a pair of fair quality used hubs (if I can find some).I’m 192 cm. and 110 kgs. (100 kgs. when fit - and that’s not often - my photo weighs 500gms.) My dumb question is “are all road rims compatible with track hubs?” or are there traps to avoid? Are road rims just road rims or are they road/track rims :? :oops:

Can anyone recommend any bike shops that may be likely to have second-hand hubs for sale (also for that matter are there bike shops in Melbourne that cater well for “trackies”?). I don’t live in Melbourne but “drop in” every so often.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated. I’ve just joined the forum - I’ll try and keep the dumb questions to a minimum. Thanks.

Those are pretty heavy rims, there aren’t any potholes on a velodrome :stuck_out_tongue:

Try Beasleys in Footscray.

They are a good shop with a good owner who happens to coach some rather fast malaysians!

I’m using Dura-Ace 7600 high flange hubs on Mavic open pro’s 32 hole, on the track. NFP’s (no fucking problems)

To answer the road/track rim question, yeah the will work :slight_smile: As long as the number of holes is the same :slight_smile:


Considering the task cxp 30 should do the job nicely, bombproof rims, just wondering where you might be from if not melbourne, their might be some regional shops we could suggest?

The most important aspect to a track wheel (apart from a hub that spins freely) is the tyres. For clinchers, you want something that you can get some serious PSI- 140-160 and very light. This in turn may determine the selection of rim as the wheel needs to rated for that higher pressure.

What about using those Tufo clincher tubulars? Not sure if they’re any good.

Look at Veloflex record tyres!!!
Very light, very fast.

Seen a few people around with them- don’t know what they’re like. I’ve got Vittoria Pista Tubulars myself.

Thanks for the advice guys - very much appreciated. As someone once said “knowledge is the first step”. I spoke with someone today with Melbourne track knowledge who also recommended Beasley’s (also Hillman and De Grandi? at Geelong).

Cheers :slight_smile: