Road routes - suggestions please!

I’m finished with Beach Rd/The Boulie/ Mt P. Can I get some suggestions and tips about 60-100km loops that are fun to ride and nice lookin’ too?

Thankssssssss FOA-ers

On a Sunday try Wildwood Rd to Sunbury then out the back roads to Woodend (via Mt Macedon if you want a climb.)

Head east to the 1 in 20 and devil’s elbow (and the other hundred climbs around that area.)

Humevale Rd to Kinglake and back

Yarra Glen via Eltham and Christmas Hills

Anything here, really: Climbs | The Climbing Cyclist

Old Sydney Rd to Kilmore is good too if you don’t mind a bit of dirt.

Follow xbbx on map my ride

Do you specify "sunday’ because of trucks?

^ Yup.

thought so. I rode it twice. Trucks ruined it, and haven’t done it for over a year.

^ I’ve only done it once…on a Sunday, and it was great, but people were quick to point out that it’s pretty dicey a lot of the other time.

Yeah, I’m not easily scared on the road, but that route was scary at points.
Also I found it pretty boring which meant there was no pay off.

Depends where you start from (re total distance) but The Esplanade from Mornington to Safety Beach is a good stretch of road.

Few loops of Willy is always good during the week. Not really 60-100, but 40-70 depending on amount of loops.

yeah a good midweek ride, with minimal lights and dead flat. can stretch up to Altona to get 60+
Now the weather is getting better, Willy is full of people though, best divert around the beach roads.

Lumpy, twisty, quiet roads once free of the burbs (cept for brief sojourn on Eltham Road), nice scenery:

Usual approach to Mount Pleasant loop along the green belt up to Bonds Rd, take the bike path (lol) when you hit Eltham to Diamond Creek, then: Broadgully Rd > Bannons Lane/Doctors Gully Rd > Mine Rd > Hilderbrand Rd/School Rd, which spits you out at St Andrews > Kangaroo Ground Rd > Smiths Gully Rd > Clintons Rd > Eltham Rd back towards Kangaroo Ground > Alma Rd > Knagaroo Ground Rd > Flat Rock Rd > Hurstbridge > back through suburbia on roads of your choice.

I thought he quit bikes.

here’s one of my weekend faves, charles.

plenty rd -> donnybrook rd -> back ways to wildwood loop (there’s a sweet downhill, watch out for the dog) -> airport -> annandale rd -> home. you can fill in the gaps however you please.

but really, the best part of going on bike rides is looking at maps, making up loops, and going exploring.

didn’t quit roads tho.