Road saddle help

Stepping out of the world of NoBrakes, potato’s and whipskidz into an exciting realm of lycra and crabon with a custom Kumo roadie.

The build is nearing completion but I find myself completely in the dark about what saddle to get.

I want something comfortable and lightish. The saddle I’ve found most comfortable is my old concor, so can anyone suggest a modern road saddle that fits similarly?

not too fussed on cost and this is going to be a Kumo show bike so something classy


Concor Light?

looking for something more modern and road-like if that makes sense.

was considering a fizik aliante?

that is a current production road saddle, and its shape is very similar to a classic concor.

but yes it was designed in 1989.

Specialized Toupe.
Best saddle i have ridden, Roamin is close second

The general consensus is that it’s good to have a saddle with a hole for the ball sack region

i thought it was for the taint region???

Try an Aspide. I went from a Concor, which I loved, to this, which though modern, I love as much.

On my roadie I’ve got a Prologo Scratch Nack, which is comfier than any other saddle I’ve used, is great on long rides, and weighs <160g. Can’t recommend it enough. Fucking expensive though.

I found the Aspide a bit narrow and hard and it gave me numb nuts on long rides. The Scratch is nice and wide and really plush for such a light saddle.

I’ve got a Concor Light on my daily bike which I also really like, but I haven’t used it on anything longer than ~20km. At ~$80-$90 and 208g it is pretty great value.

selle italia flite titanium looks traditional enough while being super comfy and not a boat anchor, YAMV

arione fan here

My 2c -

narrow hips: round-top saddle, e.g. Turbo, Concor or modern narrow/round saddle, e.g. Aspide, fizik Aliante

wide hips: flat-top saddle, e.g. San Marco Regal or modern winged saddle, e.g. ProLogo Nago

big saddle to bar drop: cutout saddle, e.g. Specialized Toupe, SMP etc.

San Marco Mantra, my pic, my saddle.

Get a carbon railed version for the ultra light version…
They pop up on eBay second hand quite often…

The SLR shape is the my fav… Awesome saddles… I’ve had the normal padded ones. Stripped ones and now I have a one piece carbon combo designed with the SLR shape used as a mold for the saddle

what the hell Ev? you have a bmc with madfiber wheels???

Sorry Alex, It meant to read “my pick” or “my choice”, not a pic of my bike!

If I didn’t ride a toupe s works 114g I ride the slr

I like the Arione’s. Flat, but flexible, no cutout, so not to everyone’s taint-liking. I have three.

If you like your old concor, why not try one of the new ones? Concor - Carbon FX

Don’t know much about them, but i’m guessing they have the same shape as the original concor, but lighter/more modern looking.
Personally, I have a Prologo scratch pro on my roadie and i’m happy with it.

i use the fizik aliante, similar to the arione, less bulky