Road shoe recommendations

Looking for some SDP road shoes rather than my clunky Shimano mountain bike ones that were very practical but now that I don’t have a mtn bike seem silly.

Wanting to spend around $200

Sidi’s for sure! Try some on so you got your sizing spot on then troll the bay or look at wiggle or chainreaction if you look at the last years models you should be able to get a killer pair of shoes to suit you budget!

Just curious if you’re after SPD-SL or more road oriented SPD shoes? Cell has/had a bunch on sale in both rugged boot and slim roadie style.

I see nothing wrong with SPD on the road except that it doesn’t fit in with the shaved legs crowd.

All Shimano for my feet, and prefer 3 straps to a ratchet. Their lower end road shoes like SH-R076 seem good value. Cell have them for $115.

Always check the fit on shoes like sugarkane said.

Sidi are all class - the first road shoes I ever got were Sidi in 1982, and I’ve had a couple of other pairs since - but I find the shape of Shimano suits my foot better.

sidis are not for those with fat feet… if you have pretty narrow feet then you have a deal if not then you’ll have to look else where…

Sidis also come in “mega” width, for those with wider/fatter feet.

I find Louis Garneau make a wider shoe, Shimano shoes tend to cut into the sides of my foot a bit too much, the LGs are much more comfortable. Sidis are certainly sweet though.


Northwave shoes have a fairly wide last, about the only off the peg road shoe that will comfortably fit my high arch/wide forefoot combo, although some of the lower end Pearl Izumi shoes are OK for wider feet too (some on special at T7 this week if I recall correctly?)


I find Louis Garneau shoes particularly comfortable and pretty good quality

I have a pretty wide foot, got the dominators off wiggle a while ago for $200 and they’re comfy!

these are an awesome price now though