road wheels on my mountain bike

hi there, long time lurker first time caller.
I’m thinking of doing what the subject says.
I’m sure this has been done and was just after some advice on whether its worth the hassles.
i gave it a go last night and only problem i saw was the brakes needing adjustment and my clusters werent compatible.
anything else i should know of?

so you’re putting 700c or 27" wheels on a 26" mountain bike?
with slicks it’ll probably fit (chance there isn’t enough clearance though), it’ll look a bit wack and handle like crap however, and if you’re running rim brakes you’ll probs need to do some adjustments for it to work (also a chance it wont work…). shouldn’t be a problem with discs
defs not worth it imo, just get a road frame…

if you’re wanting to put road rims on a 29er then you’ll be fine… as its a 700c mtb basically haha

OR you could put a 29-er fork in your 26-er frame and go 69-er*?

see damien from cog cafe 's 96-er

I think Gary Fisher does production 69-ers.

*I have no idea if it is a good idea or a dumb idea. Was going to do one at one stage but bought a 29-er frameset instead.

You’ll find that the rear hub spacing will be different. Front hubs will both be 100mm, but rear road hubs are 130mm and rear mtb hubs are 135mm.

Clearance is nearly never an issue if you’re running a normal road tyre, anything up to about a 700x28c, because the height of a mountain bike tyre makes them have about the same rolling diameter as a road wheel anyway. It’s been done plenty of times, I’ve built 700c wheels with mountain bike hubs for customers (I also happen to ride on a set myself) for exactly your application, and it’s never been a problem providing you have enough adjustment in your brakes.
Hope this helps.

That’s the problem - the brakes will never line up. Unless you have discs…

i wonder how it rides like with road wheels.
and the brakes have to be changed
what fork are u using now

seems to be not such a great idea now.
just got the standard shock forks and v-brakes on it.
cheers for teh advice

Yep, that’s not going to work with v-brakes. Plus the ride will be wack with the higher bottom bracket. What’s wrong with just 1" slicks on your current wheels?

current wheels are crap and dont roll much so i want to replace them anyway
have to ride a lot further next year so looking for an easier ride.