Roadie Frame advice

Gday fellas,

I know this is a fixie forum, but I thought I would try to see if any one could answer my question.

Looking to purchase a Cinelli Xperience 2010 frame from slane cycles (Cinelli Xperience White/Black Module 2010 [A85] -) but not sure of what size I should be looking at - L or M?

I currently ride a 56cm Fuji Track Comp and I have been comparing the two geometries in an attempt to determine my correct sizing…

Anyway - I am a 85kg, 182cm tall and have an inseam of roughly 75cm.

Any advice on the L or the M frame?

Geometries view - Cinelli Xperience geometry

Fuji Bikes - Track Comp - Fuji Track Comp geometry.

If you had a spare 10 minutes, you could try the Competitive Cyclist fit calculator. It usually tells you to go on the side of a smaller frame size and run a longer stem. Quite detailed:

Fit Calculator - Competitive Cyclist

Those compact frames can be quite confusing for sizing. What stem length do you have on the 56cm Fuji?

  1. go to a bike store.
  2. ask to be fitted.


  1. go to a bike fit professional
  2. ask to be fitted.

there are so many factors involved in bike fit. a bunch of schmucks on some forum ain’t going to be able to do it for you.