Roadie humour

Dunno if this is old or not but got linked to it just now and the lols are of a high quality.

I particularly enjoy how space-time has been bent to make these fantastic bicycles

reminds me again
the best on youtube ever, EVER :stuck_out_tongue:

someone sig this:

Hello, my name is John and I ride a bicycle. My bicycle is worth more than your car and has Shimano gears which are the best.

either that or print out the “missing” poster and pin it up all around paddington/brunswick.

That guy is hilarious, but a sarcastic prick. Check out his spider picture emails. Its gone round the interwebs a few times. On the same website. Aparently he’s from Adelaide

for reasons best know to itself, when I went to look at that, youtube offered me this today


thanks for brightening my morning with that one CC! cartwheels, viscous comfort zones, and laptops make for a nice trio :stuck_out_tongue:

and definately fake.

i hope so anyway

made my morning too thanks.

ahaaha love that video

i dropped 2g on my dura ace

Hillarious vid CC, thanks for sharing.

He is…


This is fucking brilliant:

One of my friends works with him at Demasy Jones graphic design. He is not the type of dude that you want to get on the wrong side of. She has some awesome stories ( the stuff on his site are the tame bits) I am too afraid of putting it out on the interwebz as this dude could turn your world upside down if he wanted. Dam vengeful Internet geeks

So rad.

my lungs hurt

Hadn’t seen the top one, it’s great! :smiley:

As is that video, haha.

that is awesome :slight_smile:

both are hilarious…on track for a good day now that i have seen the video and the article