Roberts Track Bike

Just a couple of teaser shots before i get this thing fully sorted.

Now to get onto joining Brunswick and getting my race licence.

looks sweet bro!! are you going to do mad skids on them?

nice ride bro, this coming out for skids soon?

This sort of behaviour is just mean.

was this the one from the dude in williamstown? looks good so far, whats the steel?

not with those tyres i hope

Yeah picked it up on the weekend. He had wayne build the frame for him when they were sharing a house. It’s apparently reynolds 853 main triangle with max seat and chain stays.

All and all, this bike is sweet. Can’t wait to see it mate!

ps: I do hate skids!

niiiice bike d00d
wanna swap?

take hiiiim uuuuuuup on that

Haha nah not this one. You haven’t even seen the whole bike yet

yeah well
i like what i see alreadyyy
show us more

looking nice, keen for some detailed shots. Have you organised your licence yet?

Planning on going down to Brunwick next Tuesday to join up and get the ball rolling.

The CSV site has me beat so far when it comes to getting a licence. Any tips would be appreciated

I’m in the same boat i was looking to you for answers ha, i’m not serious about it though becasue i’m over seas in a few months

Ignore the CSV website, it’s a waste of time.

Just come down to DISC on a Tuesday night from ~5pm onwards and have a chat to Alf / Dave / Brendan / Nath and someone will sort you out with a membership form and answer all your questions. If you’re scared of the banks or haven’t ridden on an indoor velodrome before, come along to a Sunday session (8am) for an intro before you start pedalling in anger.

Thanks Blakey, thats what i wanted to hear.

Rode DISC last CSV “come and try day” and had a blast, can’t wait to get back for more.

I’ll also be there tonight and can point you in the right direction…

Is it cool to just come down, watch and have a chat suss it all out?

Of course! Don’t just sit in the grandstands, come down to the infield, look for someone with dodgy tattoos and introduce yourself.