Rock n Roller Racing.

Late notice! I’ll be ‘entertaining’ the ‘crowds’ at the roller racing as part of the bikefest treadlie market at Birrarung Marr. Come down, check out the stalls, set a hot flying 200 time, battle it out for the win and score some fully rad sick prizes. Bikes provided, or bring your own!

If I were you, I’d bring my own.

Rock n Roller Carnival Day | Rock n Roller Carnival Day | Melbourne Bikefest

In. Do I get my fully rad sick prize immediately or do I have to ‘wait’ till 4pm?

you may wander the stalls aimlessly until the presentations begin at 3.30. i’m still working on the format, but i’m thinking it’ll be flying 200s all day til 1, with a leaderboard. then some head to head battles from 2 til 3, then presentations. prizes for fastest time, smoothest pedalling, head to head winners, because i like you, whatever else i can think of on the day.


i might bring my mexican alter-ego again. even though he didn’t do a very good job at jinxing Ryan at the sprints yesterday, it might just work in roller racing, who knows. any tips for gearing on the rollers?

the bigger gear the better. bring your roadie and whack it in the 53-11. no gear limits this time - too fiddly!

^ Biggest chainring you’ve got on the front, smallest sprocket you have on the back.

Edit: Brendan beat me.

Edit Edit: I’ve got a 13T sprocket for salethat will rocket your GI’s into the stratosphere.

i may get along for this.

i’m not sure about dressing up as other cultures. you may wanna ask here first:

Yo, Is This Racist?

I can’t tell if this is a joke or not.

This sounds icky, I dont like bacteria.

nope, 100% earnest. dressing up as other cultures is definitely problematic.

but maybe some of his friends are mexican?


Wow. The levels of political correctness on this forum have hit a new high.

I’m quite sure Jelmer wouldn’t be degrading centuries of beautiful Mexican culture by wearing a Lucha Libre mask at a roller racing event in Melbourne. I guess I could be wrong though, I am quite uninformed. Next time I see a Mexican wrestler at a cycling event - hell, even just a Mexican at all actually - I’ll be sure to find out how they feel about Whitey ignorantly donning their traditional dress and making a fool of their cultural identity.

Roller racing is usually a lot of fun, but I think I’ll bow out of this one.

see, this is why i think it’s problematic, rather than straightup racist. you and i would probably agree that dressing up as a mexican wrestler is ok. i also think wearing a poncho over your regular clothes would be fine, if a little dorky. and sombreros probably offer the best sun protection of any hat. but busting out the tan shoe polish is not ok. where’s the line? and who gets to draw it? i’m certainly not smart enough to do it.

can we stop referring to anti-racism as “political correctness” though? i think we can all agree that it’s probably politically more correct to be racist.

[QUOTE=brendan;394497]nope, 100% earnest. dressing up as other cultures is definitely problematic.

What about Bogan Culture?

I’m going to dress like an Aussie…

Australia - Yeah C**t - YouTube


exactly! why is that ok and blackface not? who gets to decide? where is the line?

(and don’t think that i don’t recall using this example myself, when someone had a go at sime about his native american influenced drawings. cite your sources, charles!)

I thought all you Vic’s were bloody Mexican’s anyway? What’s the problem Amigo?


I’d actually forgotten about that - and I really hate it when people don’t cite sources - like, heaps more than all this political correct stuff. (which I’d never had to deal with untill I moved to the city anyway)