rocket powered bicycles.

Vintage Rocket Powered Bicycles, 1929-1951 | Retronaut

He’s like a cross between a beardo and a redneck.

Fuck yea!




I’ve got a KNO3 rocket motor at home that I had the old man machine a couple years ago. I’ve been tempted to strap it to a bike for ages. Brunswick velodrome perhaps?

The thing is scary. Exhaust gas goes supersonic. Like a whip crack.

Soo sweet I love rockets… Rocket candy an’t real hard to make!

yeah, but how much do they weigh?

More than your wee dick!

Does it produce the Mach dimonds? If so that’s totally awseome!

Last time we tested it I was 50 m away behind a brick wall covering my ears.

Haha fair enough. Prolly not a bad idea

i don’t understand.

Loool I’m gonna strap something like this to the crackenfail

Brendon with rockets bigger is better! Isn’t that right Dylan?

what about dicks?

So the ladies say… No one likes a little prick.

maybe that’s what they tell you…


Fella’s… Fella’s… no need to ruin a potentially dangerous idea thread with “your Mum has a dick”…

I’m excited about the prospect of overtaking the hellride on Beach Rd on a rocket bike… in Rigid Bloke “Splat” kit…

How nuts is that French thing that does 245kph…

And they are all Shity hobo MTBs…
Imagine a venge or a foil with deep fuck off carbon tubbies and a fucking rocket on the back!

“Herr Richter can be seen picking himself out of a ditch at top right”


“Herr Richter can be seen cautiously approaching his fallen machine”

Friggin funny, Decaf came out of my nose…