Rod Martin TRIP TRI

Everyone loves a triple triangle, this is a friend of mines:

ROD MARTIN Triple Triangle Track Bicycle - Reynolds 531c Tubing | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Leichhardt Area - Annandale | 1043011893

it’s rad. even has film photos of it, so cool right?

fantastic frame …cocaine pricing.

pretty sure see this on foa? nice.

$999 for the frameset only…

Tell him he’s dreamin and needs to pull his head in. Its 2014 not 2009 breh

Is nice but yeah on crack

There’s stuff caught in the front wheel. You’d think they’d take that out before photographing


somebody email this guy and give him the bad news

Frame reminds me a lot of the Sorenson ex Melbourne graff and courier legend Slick Rick used to own but the sorenson was even tighter in the front, the paint is almost identical too from memory.

What’s a more suitable price ???

Ha ha, Is that even possible? You wouldn’t be able to ride in a straight line!

FOA pistadex says $13.50

Fifty bucks

I remember him telling me how he crashed that. Something to do with brakeless + no foot retention.

I’m guessing abou $650 if he waits it out or 500 easy sale or $150 if he needs me to transfer $$$ now


I’ll give him $500 complete. TT looks longer than a 52cm…

actually spat a bit of drink out reading this!

I keep reading this thread title as Rod Martin RIP. Good bloke, Rod sniff