Roll call!!!

So winter is ‘almost’ over…and Im thinking that most of you have used the weather (specially in Melb) as an excuse not to ride.

I can’t speak for the other states, but in Melbourne we have experienced a lull in numbers as far as tricksters are concerned. Most of the Thai riders have gone back to the motherland for good so that leaves all 7 of us, one of which is out with a broken leg.

Now Im sure there are more people who are into fixed gear freestyle than just us the few of us. I don’t care what state you are from, but if you have a trick bike (or even if you don’t but are thinking about one), state your name and where you are from please…cos if there is enough of us, I would like to try and organise some sort of ‘trick jam’ or just a jam session. Who knows, it might even be a nation wide, where the event is so big it would attract people from other states to come check it out. Just need to know who is out there.

There are alleycats, roller racing and cyclocross races just about every other weekend - Im sure that we can do something for the trick scene as well. Whaddayathink?

I like this idea even though I am only new at the FGFS.

My name is Josh
Im 20
Im from NSW on the northern beaches.
this is my ride:

whats fgfs is it fixed gear fully sick

Are you fully retarded?

Go back to ‘Missed Connections’.

fixed gear free style

just a question fuck face

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Oi you know me! Markee from Melburn!

Gypsy - Brisbane.

i’ll come by when i get back to Melb. Can’t trick for shit but fun trying. Wed night imax sessions still happening?

Yeah sessions on Wed still on, but been cancelled the few last weeks due to crazy rain. Should def be there every week when the weather gets better!

Sometimes we do Monday nights too - depending on how hard we go on Sunday and need to recover…:frowning:

Yo, Wotup.
Keep it movin…

I’d be keen to meet up and learn some tricks, at the moment, I cant really do anything.