Roller Derby November 28th

I thought I might make the drive to Beenleigh for it.

Any one else going/want to come?

Saturday November 28th

Beenleigh Arena 6.30pm
2-10 Milne street, Beenleigh

will be there, last one was GREAT, :sunglasses:

i was actually going to chuck this up too and get a crew to head on out…

Cool. I got a car. I live Northside (Nundah) so I can pick people up as I pass through Bris Central.

Will be in Melbs for the polo tournament. A few others from here will be there as well. Would love to check it out at a later date though. Sounds well wicked!

Bump. :lol:

Any takers on Saturday night for Roller Derby?


im still heading out, will be 3 spare seats for anyone else whos keen

Cool, what time are you leaving? Where are you leaving from?

I might scab a lift if that’s alright, else I will see you there (depends on my dinner plans).

Been 10+ years since I’ve been to Beenleigh. Use to fry myself out in the open, bitumen skatepark. Is that skatepark even still there?

yes it is. so is beenleigh sadly.

fuck me… I just snorted risotto onto my screen!

risotto is a lil healthier then the the cocaine sessions in your gimp room you call a studio.

3 years ago the park got a new mini ramp apparently.

Cocaine in… risotto out.

precisely why the fuk has said gimp room been kept a secret from me?

cos dave still want some for himself :wink:

defs keen to ride heaps more park when i get home. that half pipe looks rad :slight_smile:

I will probably head out under my own steam tommorrow night.

Probly see you there.