Roller Frenzy III - this Friday night (8th Oct)

This time includes slow roller competition and a return of the teams consolation event…

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Will Track Sabbath return to take “Best Dressed Team”? Hmmm…

I’m out. Working til 9 :frowning:

Sorry Gemm. Hows the track season going? Next year for sure :wink:

Why do non-member have to pay $77 for a Cycling Australia Membership? - You’ve just cut your attendance by 80% :frowning:

We’ll still be there after 9… :stuck_out_tongue:

The new season only kicks off this Thursday, the first night at Edwardstown is this Friday! So oodles of time to ease into it this summer mate.

Gemm does the $77 membership fee cover a group entry or individual only?

$77 is membership to cycling sa

That covers one person’s entry and gets them membership to Port Adelaide CC or South Coast CC till 31 Dec 2011, which includes insurance, membership to Cycling SA, Cycling Australia and the UCI. Insurance covers you during any CSA event (including other roller derbies, time trials etc that you woudl be able to enter), and any other riding you do.

basically the last event was put on as a development/come and try type event which we (significantly) subsidised so that non members could race. the ‘development’ part, ie new members coming on board from that event, has not happened - if we dont get new members we can no longer run the event at a loss.

having to pay for insurance is not fun but it is something we are required to do.

This is my sad face


Ditto to the Big Chipper.

$0.17 a day…or less than a gran compe tyre and inner tube that you destroy skidding on. bigger picture eh?

I’m all about Randonneurs
700x28 FOR LIFE!!

hey i wish someone else would pay my car insurance too but it doesnt always work out for me