Roller Race setup

Hey peeps, I’m very keen to get some roller racing/goldsprint party going here in Brisbane. The only thing is my search for a rollers/analog clock setup isn’t very successful till now. Cycling clubs and Bicycle Queensland aren’t very helpful or just don’t have it. Does anybody know where to hire/buy/steal/make the equipment from?

definitely keen for this^

hahaha - “bicycle queensland aren’t very helpful”… surely you misspoke

I thought Mr Waffles had one built? I’ve offered to solder up the electronics, and I’m putting it out there that if anyone wants to invest the $180 into the kit. I will happily put my l33t h4x0r skills up to the plate and build this puppy. I’m a nerd from way back…

Yeah, lots more has been built and said…
I’m happy to invest that if you can make it work. Handy site, haven’t seen that yet, cheers.
I already have a venue, a dj and 2 bikes… With the equipment and a beer sponsor we have a party!

Oh I can make it work Erik. Did you know that when I was 16 I made a fully functioning lightning generator in a friends shed? True Story!

We just need the rollers then and we can be away. Happy to lend a computer for it, we can hire a projector for a night.

oh boy! excited!

I showed you that site ages ago erik.

Already researched and everything. I even got quotes from open sprints guys at Dealer pricing.

2 x rollers
1 x open sprints un assembled electronics kits
1 x shipping and handling

We probs have to pay tax on that aswell.

not all of us still possess a young spritely memory unhindered by a lifestyle of intemperance and distinct lack of sobriety :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes Dan, I always suspected you had something nerdy in you, disguised by your coolness.
Thanks Gyp for refreshing my selfdestroyed memory and Shirts for your understanding. Was that a full riverloop you were running this morning. I just lost Jeremy and Angus, they couldn’t keep up with me as always…

I’ll chip in!

Doesn’t this apply to you Dan?:
If you are so nerdy you have all the other electronic parts laying around – this if for you. If you can relate to this, we also recommend getting a girl and/or boy friend and joining the OpenSprints development community.
This is for the circuit board only purchase.

I’ll check if there is room for a massively heavy base at the venue for 2 stations and find a place to store it all.

nah not a full one - if I cruise over the bridge from St Lucia to Dutton Park its only a 15k run… I’ll be doing it again this afternoon though too

Yeah, but I left most of my spares in Melbourne during the cull. I’ve still got all my fabrication supplies but my carefully labeled boxes full of resistors, capacitors, transistors, LEDs, etc. ended up going to my dad.

I did some roller racing in 1980 at the Colmslie Hotel a couple of times. We rode 54-12 (I think) with a helper holding the backwheel down on the rollers. There were 2 sets of rollers with analog “clocks” showing the distance rolled. The punters would gamble on who would win. I won a Hutchie Supersprint “single” tubular training tyre. Can’t remember if it was maybe 1st to 2km?