Roller Racing 4th Dec - UPDATED

I’m assuming all the details are the same… Alex? Gemm? Can you confirm?

I think it will be starting earlier this time. Will confirm.

Does anyone have a 1/8 14T cog I could borrow?


I don’t know whether to ride 92.6" or 94.5".


It doesn’t matter what gear you ride as everybody is handicapped.

I was on 91.8 last time and things work out ok.

smaller gear = quicker to wind up :wink:

smaller gear = spinning for longer :slight_smile:

true, but like tim said its handicapped anyway so the gear is not so important

can you bring it on Tuesday? or on the night. Thanks Hugs


Yep because it is handicapped it makes no difference whatsoever. I would concentrate more on how you are going to turn yourself inside out than what gear you are riding! :slight_smile:

Track opens at 5pm for warm-up. An ex-Aussie rep and qualified coach will be on hand for those wanting to learn a bit more about the track including how to do a madison sling.

Sign on as soon as possible. Roller racing starts at 7pm.

Is it true that you have to have drops to get on the track?

yes but prob not a big deal here on a friday night ‘have a go session’

i can bring some drops (CINELLI!) attached to a stem (ALSO CINELLI!) with some grips (UNKNOWN BRAND!) if you want to attach them just in case

Italian bars on Japanese bike ridden by a Filipino?

Shit bro, the universe just exploded!

grips likely made in china, could be more apocolyptic than a large hadron collider

You won’t need drops as it is not really a race. Just a session to ‘have a go’ and learn a thing or two.

Lets hope its doesn’t break like a large hadron collider.

Thanks for the offer of the drops, I’m just really looking for an excuse to buy some NITTO drops. But if I can hoot around on the track on my risers I might just do that.

i dont think it will be a problem but ill take them just incase