Roller Racing at the East Brunswick Club!

Wednesday 25th march, 7pm.

East Brunswick Club:

Brunswick Cycling Club Roller Racing page:

Facebook event:

i will be there. prepare to be destroyed.

i’ll be there. Is this a UCI event?

i’m not sure, but i did invite phil liggett on facebook.

mmmm …fight’n talk :evil:.

Will be there…

Ha ha, fighting words indeed.

My wattage is well up, I might come down for a spin.

“Roller racing madness with ready access to Beer. As close to Nirvana as you can get without being a Buddhist!”

Mmm … rollers … get high man :wink:

images c/- Dharma Haven. Nath before those rollers get replaced … how about a bit of graf on them?

so um where is everyone?

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Im in Alex, will see you there, I won’t have a suitable bike though unless I can use my bmx or my old school stepover bike

borrow a bike from the club sean - rock up to some u16 training and ask. Can’t hurt. How tall are you these days?

hey alex, you didn’t rock up tonight, did you?

I had about as much fun as you can have at the East without actually getting on a bike. :wink:

user sarah m bakes the cakes there. they are to die for.

im 176 cm tall I think. Whats this under 16 training and where is it?
Im still on the bmx, though I might be in the Australian Schools Cycling Championship now for the mountain biking leg.


Who does the flyers?

user pistolero.

THE EAST has just introduced a MEXI night on wednesday’s so from 6pm there’ll be cheap burritos, tacos nachos plus sides such as jalapeno poppers !!! :slight_smile:

(meat and vegan)

High and cocky after winning two events at Trackolympics, I drank to excess at the nom nom nom master chefs of europe dinner, and rounded out the evening by ripping a skid, losing it, and smacking my head against a concrete post at Docklands on Sat night. Talk about payback being a bitch, suggesting in the crash thread that more research on helmetless accidents was required! I’ll be there but just holding and/or drinking*, nursing bruised face and ego.

* In moderation, yes

So can you strap into the pedals, and will someone be there to hold me up because I can’t ride on rollers?


yes, you can strap in. you may also use your own bike.

and i will hold you. sweetcheeks.