Roller racing party this sunday!!!

Joyride Fundraiser and first Brisbane Roller Racing event!

Sunday 14th November 2010

2pm @ Barsoma (4/22 constance st fortitude valley)

$5 entry

DJs/Booze/Giveaways and Roller Racing!!!

Hope to see alot of people there, we really need all the support we can get!


All proceeds from the event will go towards aiding the 9 riders.

Brisbane has 5 riders in total…

Root Beer





Heck yessssssssssssssss

wait, i haz confusion. can anybody race?

yes anybody and everybody…


are bikes provided?

Hell keen. Got the opensprints kit sitting here on my desk at the moment and am so tempted to play with it instead of doing real work.

Great to see roller racing in Brisbane!

Bikes provided! Roller Racing and Goldsprints

^look at that effing chainring, just look at it.

meh… id still crack the duttonberg on that

on 240 g.i.? whatever chancer, not even you could :wink:

thanks guys for a sensational afternoon. totally great.
(my polo gearing on the way home felt kinda comforting, just a little resistance to get up the hill…sweet!!)

+1 - was an awesome way to spend the afternoon/eve. thanks again everyone involved!

Yes, thanks everybody for coming, it was great! Can’t walk today though…
The next one is probably a welcome home party for the Joyriders, Wednesday December 15th. Confirmed sponsers for that one: Outlier, Rapha, Chrome.
Thanks for all your politeness to let me come second :wink:

oooh rapha. fancy.

hopefully more girl’s turn up and we can do a gender divide in future events?

i just compared gear inches with rollapaluza, and it seems the rigs are on a fairly even keel. they run 44x14 (84 gi.) what was the gearing last ngiht?

i was really impressed with the times last night. results from first round winter league at rollapaluza was a winning time of 21.5…

must be all the sunshine out here.

Yeah what a brilliant arvo. My quads are burning today. Glad that the system held up, and that we didn’t have any major malfunctions (except for me getting Erik and Jeremy around the wrong way in the final, sorry guys!).

I will post up everybody’s time later in the week. I need the hardware to do this and sent it home with Gypsy and co. so you’ll have to wait I’m sorry.

My best estimate from rough calculations puts the fastest rider (Sped) at an average rpm of 215 and speed of 88.6km/h over 500m. In future I will look to get some instantaneous speeds out of the software so we can get max times as well.

Can’t wait for the next one. Extremely sore today.

105 ks on sat at 29k avg with over 1000 metres of climbing. and had no ill effects by new day.
I did 45 seconds Sunday and I walked like a duck all day today pulling myself out of chairs with my arms and whinging like a baby.
true story. go figure.