Surly Steamroller
Absolutely love it, more of a pleasure to ride than ya mum.
Thomson gear, San Marco Saddle, Mavic Old TT Bars, Conti Gatorskins (beautiful tires) and more.

To come: Your mum, Chris King Headset, 105 Black front caliper.

Very nice.

Roguedubb will like this one, except the brake of course.

I wish i could go brakeless, but I really do need the brake. I ride with flats 80% of the time, and just can’t do cool skids with the flats on.


But seriously, that looks great. Gimme a yell if you ever want to part with those bars…

very nice.

your mother must have been tall, because that is one high seat :wink:


I’m not taking the piss, just intrigued…

Is that seat height by design or making the most of a frame that is too small for you?

Great stealthy looking bike there.

Im 2m tall, its a 60cm TT. With the Bullhorns, i get an effectively longer top tube, so at the moment it feels perfect. I think bicycles look hawt with high seats.

My mum is 5ft6… more than a foot shorter than me, surprisingly, so is my dad. :oops:


Kidding yourself. I can’t remember the last Saturday when i was up at 7:30. :wink:

You get the rhino PORN label of approval.

Nicley built, great parts specs, good colour choice.

How does that puppy ride…bet it feels like its on rails.

What colours?

It really does ride exceptionally well. I was planning on getting a Baum built up, i had all the geometry set out on paper. The surly was less than a degree, if not perfect in all aspects, and very minor differences in TT and ST length made it the choice of the day.

Someday however, im going to have to get a 953 Baum fixie popped together with a cromo baum fork.

NDF…callling NDF…

NDF…callling NDF…

Really? That’s great!

[adds LTR to list]

Really? I would never want to get on that list. Bad things happed to those people…


I thought it might be one of those lists…

you never want to get on those ones

i really dig that bike. i like seats up high too.