Rollers - variable resistance needed?

I’m looking at getting me some rollers, to get fitter, and smooth out my spin. Has anyone ridden ones with variable resistance? Is it needed?

i dont think a variable resistance will help smooth out your pedal stroke. The variable resistane is used to build up strength

Variable resistance isn’t necessary. Rollers are not like trainers. You’ll use up plenty of energy just to keep your momentum and balance up.

Thanx guys.

If you need more resistance, change gear!

Ha! Have just gone down to my lowest ever: 40x16 = 67.5 gear inches.

I’m bobbing like a fish on a float.

" m u s t s m o o t h o u t s p i n . . . "

Dusted off the rollers and doing 20 mins a night on the track bike on the rollers, ~94" and heart rate usually in the 130s, not really for the training as much as the improved spin and smoothness.

Rollers are great if you struggle with balance. I have been riding my rollers every other night (as often as i can) for my E1 rolling efforts. Using them helps with balance and space awareness. Youre in a mighty small area on the rollers!