rolly's thread about wombats.

a sad goodbye today to the man who brought us “the not-hillman”, the strange owl creature, referring to gene as “mr long-vowel”, endless worrying about which tires to buy, and the beards vs cars thread. we’re sad to hear you’re quitting fixies, rolly, but we’re sure you’ll find welcoming arms at / /, or wherever you end up.

vale user: rolly.

post your fixed-eugoglyizing here.

I felt like I never really knew him… Which is true.

i call dibs on his philwood/aerohead wheelset on the ‘not-hillman’

I felt rejected when he deleted Facebook.

I thought he was fired.

thank fuck he’s gone really…

So who wants to replace him as my father?

Try and get in with spirito/justdave. They rule hard.

But they’ll never be able to abuse me in person…
and I share heritage with Rolly.

fixies wont be the same without this amazing individual

i thought rolly was prolly

apologies for the watermark

man you are on a roll with these photos, please keep it up! we need more prolly macros

My mrs baked a cake for her friends kid… I came home and laughed and said, “fuck… it’s rolly’s avatar”. I was saving it for a special occasion to whip it out on

Everyone seems sort of crazy today so it is time.

I present to you, the audience of… the rolly cake.

that is brilliant, a suitable memorial cake for a once great person

That owl’s vagina looks really weird.

Wait, can he still race at DISC?

Also McKenny wins at the internet.

why… why is he gone…

at least the owl can post in that shaving poll;)