roly, jdl and a bunch of other melbourne fixie kids are famous


JDL, what a dreamboat.

stupid camera people shoulda filmed spider more - dude can ride a bike

but he’s got an attitude problem.

he taught me how to ride backwards that night. ahhhh the memories.

Just when I thought that the internet couldn’t handle anymore p0rn.


Omg all my fav ppl slingin’ fixies on a roof this is the best video ever!

cameras just cant resist that Dosnoventa FGFS frame!

Best bit was when the dude got super aero at the end. SICK

FTFY. Broken elbow means no tricks for a while.

Repeated flipping of the bird leads to critical bone fatigue

fuuuuuck, sucks to hear that. poor dude.

I havent seen someone doing backwards circles for years. not bad…

who was the girl wearing the SuperChimp/DTES cap?

who is this Roly guy? i did see Rollykent in there though, whataguy

That’s Erin, she’s from Canada. I think she lurks on here under some other name