Roof Racks

Right, so I have some nice shiny new Rola Racks. w00t!


I need to buy a pair of bike carriers to go on them.

So, I have some problems here.

The 2 bikes I’m most likely to be carrying around don’t have quick release front wheels, and non standard axle sizes (eg 20mm and 24mm).

Secondly, I’m inherently lazy and don’t want to take the wheels off anyway.

And last of all, the tyres I need to fit in the racks are anything up to 3" wide, the racks I’ve seen will only take a 50mm maximum.

Anyone have any experience with good, non wheel removing type racks?

Well, sort of. Space the racks to the distance between your saddle and your bars. Flip the bike and place it on the racks. Lash down with pedal straps. Works a treat and far cheaper than the elaborate manufactured thingys. Why does a bike need to be upright?

bikes need to be upright to stop hydro disc brakes getting air in them.

try gripsport. jon makes some good stuff.

we use thule for our roof racks and they are great and come with adapters for 20mm, but you’ll pay for them.


how long can they be left upside down? or is it more a case of the vibrations while in transit causes it to happen (faster)?

you might have the bike upside down lots of time and not have a problem, but it’s still the number one cause of people coming to me and saying their brakes don’t work no more.
if there is any air in the master cylinder it will work it’s way up into the line.
just generally better to not store or transport the bike upside down.

cheers, i’ll bear that in mind