Rosko - Custom single speed

I’m a simple guy who likes simple things. No bells, no whistles. I had been looking for a steel, single speed specific, fat tyre dirt road bike to tackle remote, backcountry double track here in Southern Tasmania but was unable to find a bike suitably ‘Spartan’ to my taste.

I contacted Seth Rosko, a New York City frame-maker to discuss a custom build. We chewed on a few ideas and came up with a plan. We’d use Columbus steel, canti mounts (with Paul ‘Mini-Motos’ in mind), clearances for a 41c tyre, short rear stays, Surly horizontal drop-outs, plenty of standover height and a semi-compact geometry based loosely on one of my favourite bikes. Roll the clock forward twelve months and what we have is what you see above. A single speed dirt road bike.

The new whip is currently winging its way to me. Should have it in hand soon. Will post updates as I build up.

Nice one Benny. Make sure to post some ride photos when she’s all built up.

Saw that on Instagram this morning, so nice.

Rosko is a great dude

Happy days.

Frame arrived Friday. Bolted parts to her over the weekend. Almost done. Loaner seat and post. Need bartape. Will post detailed shots soon!

Looks like a whole lot of good times in store for you! Nice.

The yellow saddle extension looks uncomfortable

Nice bike.

What kind of geo did you go for vs. say a SSCX bike?

Edit: don’t worry, read full description. Still nice bike.

I’m totally frothing on this hey. Please select a redicilious Bae tape colour.

^ Was thinking this:

But then saw this:

If you want more modern:

And then there’s classy combo:

Love Rosko’s builds always very nice. great guy indeed. love the pink!!

It a little known fact that pinks best friend is in fact Green.

Yeah. Plus one for bright green

Geometry is road, loosely based on my Kona that I’ve flogged around the Southern Forests since '08. Not a fan of 'cross geometry for road riding (albeit rough dirt road riding).

Colour tape? Tried a rude pink bar tape on last night. Nah, whole show becomes waaaaaay to loud. Maybe that black tape with pink holes…

Completed the build tonight. Here she is with correct post and bar tape!

Man that looks like so much fun! Congrats