Rossin Columbus Tubing ID

Hi all,

I recently picked up this Rossin and have been trying to decipher what Columbus tubing it’s made from.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

The decal looks like one of the generic columbus ones, with no tubing name on it… like this:

Look/feel for helicoidal ridges inside the seat and down tubes. If present, most likely Columbus SLX. If not, most likely Columbus SL.

My guess is SL.

This is columbus chart is handy.

What size seat post does it take?

diggin that paint

Fark’n nice. Judging by the amount of panto, nice lugs and paint i’d say SLX. Like has been mentioned above have a look down the seat tube and up through the BB for the spirals.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll have to inspect the frame further.

Yeah, my housemate and I had previously thought SLX or SL.

It takes a 27.2 seat post.

For those playing at home:

Nice find… where did you find it?

I was just doing some google search’s, and somehow stumbled across this:

But honey, it’s Italian! [Archive] - Bike Forums

Then someone in the thread had posted a link to the catalogue scan:

There is some pretty amazing stuff on the bulgier site. Highly recommended.

P.s. SanEsteban you were on the money with SL!

Cool, yep I know bulgier… been looking to find out some more info on a Rossin I have.