Rossin Not sure they grasped the concept

1986 Rossin Track 20 Made Time Trail Aero Columbus Campagnolo C Record Bicycle | eBay

Needs deeper drops

Flat tyre would not buy obviously shit.

FTFY. Byron Bay approved

Perfect for Melburn Roubaix.

a pic of the rider (Ekimov) helps explain a lot …

did lol

You forgot a few.

Needs discs.

Built for comfort I’d say

fwiw Geoff Scott was doing this shit in 1981. Fuckin’ Italians get all the glory/hype etc etc.

I thought about selling my Gefsco track and I just don’t think I can, would give a nut for a gnarrrrrrly pursuit frame set, would also give a nut for this rossin, serious want, absolute baller, actually about my size too.

Not sure where this bike ended up but it was built by Geoff Scott for the Brisbane Commonwealth Games in 1982. these are pics of it when it was at the now no longer Canberra Bicycle Museum. For this reason I always give props to Geoff Scott. Dude was busting major moves long before the others … and here in Oz in our own backyard.

Let’s assume for a moment that this actually was Ekimov’s bike, why is the gearing so low? It’s not as though you’d set it up for the road.

one bid on this, private buyer with no price disclosed.

Let’s also assume the same dude put the drop bars on it so clearly we the assumption is now that he’s not a smart man.

But can he lift heavy things?

Ok so basically I’m just offended by the drop bars.

because you’re not flexible enough to make the drop? (pun intended)

Drop the coin? Definitely not that flexible, although I would like to stand this next to the yamaguchi and see which was lower, given this is a 700c crown mount and mine is a 24" regular quill stem, I’d be trying to buy it if the seller didn’t seem like such a douche, $10k for non matching group and without the original handlebars, dreaming.

similar to this which I think was up here a while back
Rychtarski Olimpic Championship Columbus AIR Unique Track Frame Fork | eBay