Rossin Pista

Rossin Pista Frame 59 (late 70s???)
Phil hubs laced to Velocity Aeroheads
Phil track cog 17t
Campagnolo Pista cranks 170
Campagnolo Chainring 44t
Campagnolo pista BB
Campagnolo Aero Seatpost
Turbo Saddle
Ratty 3ttt Stem
Cheap Risers
Ofmega Headset
MKS pedals/cages
Soma double straps

The frame is pretty thrashed/loved but there is only one micro dint in the top tube from bars smacking…
When I get some coin together I’ll will be sending to to Paconi to restore to its former beauty.

lookin good, but does the front wheel contact the downtube? forks look almost bent.

That would look ace with some drops, that front wheel is sooooo close to the down tube…

wow nick that’s nice!

barely any clearance on the front…tight turns would be impossible!

Hot! I’m torn between how it looks now, as I enjoy the ‘well-loved’ look, and how lovely it will look freshly restored. Very nice none the less.

took its time! nice none the less bra


I thought that the forks were bent when I saw it before I bought it, but after heavy inspection it can be confirmed that it is just build freaking tight! I need a half link so I can bring the back wheel in more… If I wasn’t running a 28 on the back I could bring it in so it would be as close as on the front (about 1mm with a 23) without having to put a link in… To respray or not to respray? That is the question. :^$

Very cool ride … especially for the scratches and worn paint :wink:

man that is niiiiice.

my vote is to leave it as is, has character.

Yeah my vote is leave it as is as well, allows you to be a little less precious with it, and save some monies for next project.
Really like everything you’ve doen, what size is it?

yeah, definitely leave it as is. looks great, maintains history, and you don’t have to be precious with it.

Spirito’s golden rule:

Original paint with losta scratches = looks cool
New paint with one scratch = looks shit

I really like scruffy frames with brilliant polished cranks and wheels etc.

Woahhhh double rossin rainbow!!! Nearly a triple!!!


Just quietly. Google images ‘rossin’. NSFW.


and yep, I’m with everyone else. Leave as is. Closest thing to a soul a bike will ever have.

lol. plastic add ons everywhere you look:

So if you’ve got original paint and lots of scratches and your frame has been stored for the past ten years in a damp shed so that all the scratches are now surface rust, do you a) strip and repaint, b) remove surface rust and clear coat or, c) call it ‘patina’ and ride regardless?

Hey … it all depends.

Nothing wrong with a little 1200 wet/dry and touch up paint or nail polish. Of the latter keep in mind it’s not really a barrier like paint is but can be removed quite easily if you get it wrong or want to later touch it up properly. Unlike most paints clear coat breathes so that alone is not gonna arrest corrosion. On the other side, it takes a long time for a frame to actually rust through so in 5, 10 or 20 years when it really needs it you can then spray the whole frame properly. Most people fear surface rust more than is actually warranted.

Most of all keep the inside dry and treat it well with your favourite type of rust inhibitor. Even though some high end frame tubes are as thin as an eggshell you’d be surprised how little they’re affected by surface rust and how long it will take to actually eat through. After rides in wet weather and rain take the seatpost out and hang it upside down so the tubes inside dry out.