rotorburn, naah rotormelt

Video: Praxistest Scheibenbremsen - Technik | TOUR-MAGAZIN.DE

For the non German speakers, skip to the 3:30 mark. For the German speakers, translation plz?

Don’t know what load they had (see inside the main triangle) and exactly how long they dragged those pads for, but shimano’s ‘no weight limit’ might need revising. This is definitely into the abuse / overload category though.


reminds me of terminator.

Also, don’t skip to the end I reckon; looks like a beautiful place for a ride…

Oh yeah, and there’s something about braking too.

that’s a pretty cool (pun intended) feature :stuck_out_tongue: using the phase change from solid to liquid in the aluminium to limit maximum temperature [/materials enginerd joke]

translation of the first ~10 seconds: blah blah blah worst case scenario blah blah blah :stuck_out_tongue:

this may be the beginning of the end of cycling. That sound of those brakes round corners made me want to cry.

Still wanna run those 140mm rotors AL?