Routes - Garmin

I’m normally not a fan of Garmins or cycle computers of any kind but I was wondering if its possible to load routes (from Strava eg) onto a Garmin? I often ride alone, am extremely bad at reading maps and the signage on dirt roads, rural roads etc is often not existing. I dont mind getting lost but I often miss the best parts of a route just because I’ve missed a turn.
I dont want to find myself staring on a computer on my stem but if it helps me finding the route I planned to ride, I’b possibly be happy to.

Garmin 500/510 is the cheapest that will display a map I think?

You just paste the *.tcx in NewFiles folder and it’ll be under Courses.

What he said BUT on the 500 which I’m running it is VERY primitive. Looks like the snake game on areally old Nokias and if you go past your turn it just says “off course” and give no recommendations how to fix it. Also if you make the route in the Garmin software it will often put the route on the wrong side of the road and you will CONSTANTLY get a “beep” off course even if you are only 5M away from it…… it can be really f’ing annoying but better than riding with the Refedex. From what I can gather the 510 is a gazillion times better for course/ route stuff - people can even track your progress on their desktop… pretty cool if your doing a interstate solo thing I suppose.

It works well on Garmins that have maps.

Otherwise I think the best you get is a compass arrow and unhelpful messages.

If you are ‘extremely bad at reading maps’ then no Garmin device will help you.

I guess what I’d need would be the 810 but seeing that I would need to purchase extra maps for riding in NZ eg or for just better maps I dont think its worth it. I just dont like using my phone for this kind of stuff when Im riding alone and I wouldnt like putting it on my handlebars either. Question would be if the maps are suitable for offroad touring…guess I’d need to spend some time reading reviews.

…at least it"ll show me in which direction Im heading :wink:

I ride alone all the time, what I normally do is create a route on strava, then noting down how many km untill each way point, I usually put them at intersections, then once you’ve hit that distance you roughly know that your turn off is around that area, and a garmin won’t drain your battery life on your phone, and sometimes if I’m not sure I just use my phone in strava and click on maps and it shows you where you are and what roads are close etc. I only use an edge 200 they are cheap but do the job!

If your handy with this kind of stuff…

Garmin jnx file format hacking

Open Street Map Australia (these are seriously awesome, far more comprehensive than any garmin/henna map I’ve come across)

Personally use an etrex20 for navigational stuff. The 30 I believe can support HR and cadence…

I pre-make a ‘route’ in ridewithgps and save it to the PC then load it to the etrex20 via usb.

Garmin 705 - the bomb.

I ask around for good routes to ride. Upload them to the garmin and a way you go. Saves a heap of time. I’d much rather ride than be constantly pulling out a map or deciphering notes. I have attempted this numerous times in the past and usually back track so much that I run out of time and do not get to compete the whole ride. (I use it most on the dirt).

Occasionally the garmin will try to send me down a road that does not exist, but once you get the hang of the garmin it is very quick and easy to work out alternatives on the pedal. The 705 has a screen which points the direction to the closesest point of the trail for you, tells you how far away form it you are and how long it would tack you to get back to the trail… Awesome.

705’s are avaliable second hand, and +1 for the openstreetmaps.

…sounds exactly what I want to use it for. The 705 though seems to be 5 years old so I guess the 810 would the similar updated version?

Get an 800 if you want to save some dollars. They’re a couple of hundred cheaper than an 810.