RS Track


Want the Schwinn for the winn…

did he stutter on the 0’s and add an extra one?

The seller and builder weigh in
Ebay Outing: Richard Sachs Track Bicycle

7k and no crank bolt dust cap?

Here’s another for less… Richard Sachs track frame 57 NOS Columbus Cinelli Campagnolo rare!

I get Rene Herse, Alex Singer, Fat Chances and early Yeti’s.
How did I miss Richard Sachs?
I don’t get them.
Happy to be educated.

Merckx never rode with dust caps.

holier than thou story from owner and builder does not mean this will sell…

Porsche 911 of bicycles.


there is a large market for old porsche 911s though.

a nice story does not mean anything unless someone is willing to put up the money.

Not as much as something less to go wrong.

not surprisingly this didnt sell for the ‘bargain’ price that the seller and builder thought it was worth

I’ll be honest his track bikes do nothing for me,
If I was to drop big dollars it would be on 90’s crazy carbon, a lazer or somthing like herse