Rs685 hydro levers w/shimano mtb calipers

Anyone done this?
Picked up some levers and wanting to run slx calipers if I can.
Seems to be compatible but can’t find a definitive answer either way.
As far as I can tell the road caliper is essentially the same except the hydro line has been rerouted. More concerned if pull ratio(or whatever the hydro equivalent is) is the same.
Halp plez?

100%, 10/10 do it, definitely works.

have installed multiple sets using various mtb calipers on account of road, non flat mount calipers being rarer and more expensive than unicorn excrement.

i have st-785 levers with slx calipers on my pomp. also works good.

Haha awesome, that’s what I thought, cheers Asher!

Yep all good, the BR-R785 calipers were based on the XT calipers, so they’re all compatible AFAIK.

I feel like this could work out cheaper than buying a complete set ($554 on merlin). Anyone know where the cheapest hydro levers are? Or have some they wanna sell me? eh? eh?

Here Harry: LMGTFY - Let Me Google That For You

I did this once and had a pretty average result, but maybe I’m the exception, or the bleed wasn’t great, but if the majority are saying yeah, then go for it

It’s going to work out heeeeaps cheaper! Ive been after the hydro/mech brifters since they came out but couldn’t justify the $$$ compared to my cable discs which are working fine. So I set an eBay alert and scored a pair pretty damn cheap from a dude upgrading his new cross bike to di2.