runkeeper v strava?

I went out for 13 hours the other day, using Runkeeper free App, charged my iphone4 at a cafe 1/2 way for about 20 mins and it still went flat about after 12 and a bit hours. I had screen off, notifications off, took about 4 short calls all day.
I know a Garmin will do it ‘better’ but CBF paying for/ carrying another bloody gadget around.
Does anyone have a better (paid or free) App for battery life. I mostly dig the GPS and upload functions, don’t run a computer or care about av speed/cadence/HR…

You try Strava but I think you’ll get the same result. When it hammers the radio that much to keep a constant location this will happen. The Garmin is tiny. Mount bracket on headstem & forget.

I use google mytracks on my HTC Desire - longest I have ridden with it is ~5hrs, still have half battery left at the end of the day after normal use. Something that large though a GPS would probably be a better option.

Any program you use will chew battery. They constantly run GPS, so it will screw you up regardless.

I recommend Strava over all of them though. Such an awesome app.