Running Ahead adaptor?

Anyone here running an ahead adaptor to convert a threaded steerer to threadless?
I’m considering using one so I can use some modern 31.8mm handlebars.
Will it look stupid, or is it a good stop-gap solution?


What a beautiful day yesterday- anyone get out on the bike at 2:30PM? :roll:

I’ve seen it on a few bikes and can’t quite get my head around it. Looks a bit weird :expressionless:
Functionaly though the bigger bars would probably feel a bit stiffer.

I’ve used one and it worked just fine, but they look ugly.

31.8 bars on a lugged steel frame will look pretty challenged anyway I reckon. The threadless adapter is just incremental ugliness.

Buy a new bike

Yeah tried that already!

Maybe the expression should be buy two new bikes, then three, then four… :mrgreen:

I’m using one on the Faunago. It works.

Ditto. have used a quill to threadless adapter with a threaded headset - looked a bit odd but the bike was a pig anyway.

Have also used a steerer extender on a threaded steerer that was too short for the head tube (with threadless headset) on a particular frame. also works fine, more discreet than than the quill adapter with threaded but a bit fiddly to set the length right.

If looks are your major concern … don’t do it.

If you want 31.8 bars because they’re stiffer … don’t do it. The adapter won’t feel as stiff as a proper ahead setup anyway.

If you want 31.8 bars because they’re comfy in the flats … OK, that’s probably the only reason I would do it.

If you really want to use 31.8 bars and have it look good, get a new one inch threadless fork and headset. Or if you really want to spend, get someone to make a quill stem to take a 31.8 mm bar.


Get a new bike.

They work fine - Horatio just do it!

Thanks ndf, finally somebody with sense! :evil:
I’ve already got all the components :oops: so it looks like I’ll be going ahead with this evil ugly solution.
But on the question of stiffness- this solution would be stiffer than your standard quill setup I got the impression. So in that way, it’s a slight improvement, although this is certainly not the reason for doing it.


Haha that’s actually quite funny nick!

Of course everybody has been helpful, thankyou.

The ‘project’ is almost finished, including the dicky ahead adaptor workaround… watch this spot! :roll:

Thinking about running a quill adapter on my GTB for track. The current quill and bar combo has a stupid amount of flex. Wondering if anyone has run an adapter for track and what the feedback is…?

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I went from some crappy 2 bolt removable face quill to quill adapter/4bolt removable face stem on the T(W)REK and it seemed to give a noticeable reduction in flex (Same bars, etc.).

I don’t race track though… except this one time when i seem to remember beating you* :stuck_out_tongue:

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Doesn’t eliminate flex as the adaptor’s quill will still flex inside the steerer a bit, but the larger threadless stem plus OS bars makes a significant difference.

I have one plus an integralter on my bike and it is noticeably better than the alloy quill / B123 setup was.