Running brakes on an un-machined rim...?

So after seeing that awesome purple Samson in the Skid Vicious thread, I’ve been inspired to (slowly) get my original purple ride back looking nice. For the last few months it’s been my wet weather / pub bike and it needs a good clean and a re-spray… Anyway, I really dig the all black Deep V’s, but I don’t want to get a machined set cause the look kinda ugly (and I’m not running a rear brake), but whats a front brake going to do to an un-machined front rim? If the rim is black and the brake pads are black…?

The pads will wear away the black, leaving a brake surface that looks much like every other brake surface :slight_smile:

Exactly as they did on mine.

The Samson is yours? Cause if so, I’m stealing your syle! Lucky we live in seperate states.

i have non-machined rims, they don’t stop all that well.

I don’t use my front brake that much, it’s more so for emergencies.

Sooo, you only want your brake for emergencies, wouldn’t that mean that you want it to work well for the few times you need it?


Yeah, I guess that didn’t really make sense. :oops:

No the Samsons not mine. I meant I have non-machined rims etc etc Brakes work fine on non-machined rims. The rims on my roadie are non machined as well and it makes no difference to stopping power.

It’ll end up looking something like this:

I can deal with that.

i’ve got chrome aero’s and a front brake on my bike and its fine.
the black pads wear off a bit on the chrome but is easily wiped off

If it is true that non-machined rims have the same wall thickness within the braking zone as machined rims then it shouldnt be a problem.

If that isnt true i wouldnt do it.

Typically non-machined rims have a greater wall thickness than machined…