Rusty Blue and Red

Vital Statistics

Frame: Not too sure ? has 1940 British stamped on the bottom. Guessing from that I would say it is a 1940 British frame.

Colour: Flaking blue to rust with newish red forks ? should be repainted.

Front Wheel: Shimano rusty hub stolen from the side of the road in hard rubbish off an abandoned Apollo (700)

Rear Wheel: Brand New! 36Hole Velocity ?V? rim round a Velocity flip flop with a 19t cog (700)

Cranks / bottom bracket: Shimano biopace from above abandoned Apollo with a 52t no-name pista cog ? For a second I wondered if I could use the biopace rings (aaahahahahah)

Bars: 2nd hard bullhorns from the local bike store

Chain: Nickel plated 1/8

History: Got the frame off ebay from some cat in Adelaide. It was sold as a skid bike. Not sure what that is but it was setup as a single speed with crap cranks, no brakes and big honkey dragster handlebars. It was cracker to ride like that ? fools just jumped out of the way. The funniest thing was that it had a smaller wheel on the front (650) which forced me to change forks as a 700 didn?t fit.

It just looks like a crappy bike that is old and sorry but the lllllooovvvveeeee! She is a naughty little thing that loves to be ridden as hard and fast as possible at every given opportunity.

Certainly one of the most entertaining bike descriptions I have read. The thought of bio-pace chainrings on the beast would certainly have made the bike ‘unique’. Do you have a photo of the bike before all the modifications?

Nice one Rich. Looks really nice. But the front wheel is on wrong way round :slight_smile:

aus.bicycle spoke card?

Aahahaha I feel quite the fool

Yeah the wheel is on the wrong way. I have never noticed that before. I chucked it on in a hurry a while ago and never gave it a second thought. I will turn it round to see if it makes any difference.

I was chatting to Peter at Abbotsford Cycles and he didn’t see the humor in using the biopace. I thought it was funny though.

I found the original photos of the beastie… note the smaller front wheel.

a.b card holder & lurker!

I’ve been told Biopace works reasonably well, fixed.

I’m only kidding. It’s not going to make a difference. Unless you’ve got some cool directional tyres that only work in one direction :slight_smile:

Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so dismissive of the biopace.

I still have the chain rings in the shed… My thinking (and it might be flawed) is that as the biopace rig is not a true circle the chain tension will vary on rotational stroke - potentially derailing the chain?

Is this true?

well in theory the same number of teeth are engaged at one time with an elliptical chainring. If you watch the tour or other time trial where they use elliptical rings, the derailleur doesn’t swing back and forth to take up/release the slack with each pedal rev. It stays still.

I gave a local here a couple of biopace rings to use on his fix - I guess we’ll find out if it works for him.

  • Joel

As always, Sheldon has something to say.

woohoo! I win!

  • joel

Now the question is do you take the biopace rings or go for the suprise box?

Sheldon really is the master!