hey guys,
i picked up a roadie off a mate of mine today,
unsure about a few of the parts.
The frame is a Shogun Samuri, chromo lugged tubing.
Rims are Sun Mistral (similar shape to velocity aeroheads).
The groupset is Shimano RX-100 and the bars/stem/seat post are sakae custom.

i was just wondering the quality of these parts, as it seems pretty smooth and i got it really cheap.

oh and, profile aero bars? never heard of them…

Profile aero bars were good for the time they came out in. RX-100 was the base model of parts IIRC, and is pretty reliable.

RSX was below it in the available 7sp STI groups. Roughly equivalent to Tiagra, good usable group.

yeah sweet,
only paid $40 for the complete thing, and all it needs is tubes.
might swap the tyres over though, running 20c’s…

im pretty happy with it