Anyone heard of this frame builder?

Track Frame Rychtarski pursuit 54 c-c | eBay

Polish builder, amazing builder. Saw a tonne of his old stuff when I was kicking around Poland in 2009.

It’s a lovely looking frame.

Weird geo, the fork rake looks really flat* and the chainstays are almost horizontal - I kinda like it though! What tubing is that?

  • What’s the opposite of steep, but not flat?


rancho relaxo?

That’s it.


I know.

That frame is anything but relaxed. Very steep seat and head tube with correspondingly high BB. The fork has a little more rake (to compensate the 76/77/78?? degree headtube) for front wheel clearance and to make it a little easier to handle at high speed as it’s a weight forward style of bike (ala pursuit).

Put a headset in it and it will bring the fork back to its natural position & look a bit better