RYOKOU paaarrtttaaaayyyyy Fri 31/5/13

You may have seen the RYOKOU Kierin thread & banner that were posted yesterday, and you lucky Brisbane peeps also get a party to attend to celebrate its completion!!



Fri May 31 2013
530pm - 630pm
Palace Barracks
Tickets are $10 on the door.

Get down there, should be awesome :slight_smile:

Full details of the series here


Heck yes!

I’d be all over this like a rash if I wasn’t flying out that same night.

10 bucks!!! shet that is cheap for the barracks cinemas haha. Too bad I shall be working

Bump cos everyone should come along and check this out if you can!

Might be worth getting your name on the door list for ticket/s?

josh@projucer.com is apparently the contact.

^where’d you get that from zzeebok, that’s not who I’ve been dealing with…?

want me to find out for certain?

so there’s only FIVE SEATS LEFT!

contact josh ASAP to lock in your spot.


wow!!!, got things on tonight so i cant go… but im glad it is clearly doing well.

So turns out this was a bit of a friends and family sort of screening, only about 70 seats, still was good, watch it.

I watched the individual eps on YouTube but will watch the whole thing again.