S-m-a-l-l track bikes ... and one 55cm

Reasonably priced on the BA classifieds: 37cm Hillbrick with brakes for $100, 44cm can’t tell what it is for $200 and a 55cm from the same seller in Manly, QLD

The 55 appears to have Kenevans decals.

If this was local to me I’d grab the 2 small ones in hope that my boy will ride track when he’s older…

I’m heading out to check them out.

Buy. Them. All. Foamafia!

The 44cm looks like it has rigida wheels, a few years old but decent. Got a similar set on an old giant cfr 1 roadie.

the 55 i want!!!

Ill buy the yellow one if he answered his phone! Dayne if you get em and want to move the yellow one I’m your man

his replying his messages that’s for sure! the ken doesn’t have any panto’s on seatstay or forks but still a decent track frame!

anyone kind enough to get the 55 for me? if not guess he’ll have to post it.