This is my BMX

Frame: S&M L.A.F. (Light As Fuck) 21" TT
Fork: Odyssey Pro Race
Headset: FSA Orbit
Stem: PrimoPro
Pedals: No name alloy platforms (V8 style)
Bars: Bit of an experiment from my old Schwinn Pro Stock, they have a really low crossbar and are pretty heavy but are big and feel really good without being too tall. might put my S&M Slams back on.
Grips: Primo Logo
Lever: Tech77
Brake: Hombre
Cable: Odyssey Linear
Detangler: None

-Front: Tuffneck hub to Sun RhynoLite
-Rear: Odyssey Cassette w/11t driver to Sun Big City

Tires: Fly Ruben on the front, FIT F.A.F. on the rear
Pegs: None
Seat: Macneil SL, padding died, stickered it up.
Seat post: Macniel Pivotal
Seat Post Clamp: None
Crank: Profile 180mm Race crank, raw clearcoat, Ti Spindle.
Chain: KMC thing
Sprocket: TreeBikeCo 30t

-Not much has changed in the last few years as I havnt really ridden it due to blowing my knee out on it a few years ago. But i have been keen to get back out on it, so ive just been getting it ready to ride again.

-Slams are chopped an inch either side
-I run my lever upsidedown
-Stole a doily when I was drunk from Cookie one night and painted my toptube, woke up to discover it in the morning… was kinda stoked considering I don’t remember doing

-Will probably upgrade the pedals soon and install the 10t driver i have lying around in my spare parts box as 30-11 is too easy after riding fixed for a few years.

damn, those photos suck… i’ll try to get some better ones tomorrow when its light.

Come riding Sime.
City park tonight from dark till 1030 if it doesnt rain as the lights are on.

lost the brakes as I couldn’t get happy with them due to the tyre clearance in the rear rubbing on the brake caliper arms.

Put my S&M Slam Bars back on

Better Photos

how’re those macneil posts? are they just like the animal ones i.e. the threaded stem-like clamping system?

i got bored and used an old quill stem to make my own one…

cut the post on an angle, remove original bolt, insert long quill stem bolt through saddle to wedge… voila.

its probably heavier if anything, but it looks nice and tidy.

The Macniel Nub post is the ideal answer…

ahh yeah, yeh those macneil ones look good, wouldn’t be super happy with cutting up the frame though

do it…then sell me your seatpost :smiley:

never! actually want a longer one, this slammed seat business is just silly