Saddle bags, tough, brutal, manly.

Hey all, I was thinking I should grab a saddle bag for my mtb, because when I go for a littlee trail ride and I’m not wearing lycra, I don’t wanna carry all my shit in my shorts.

That thread didn’t help, I don’t care if it’s daggy, I just want one that’s brutally tough that I can order through my lbs.
Anyone know of anything? Waterproof would be nice.

Lezyne do good stuff.

what about a camel back , like a 2 liter one , i have one with a pocket that fits a phone and wallet etc , they aren’t too restrictive or heavy

HMC: I’ll google them now

CAMO: All my mates swear by camel backs, but there’s something about them that makes me think ‘yeah, 4 hour ride through the you yangs’ and not ‘quick roll through beaconsfield where I don’t want a bag shaped sweatpatch’, though a decent suggestion.

Hmm, looks tough.
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Anyone know who the australian distributor is? I can’t find it on their website, just their euro/american/african distributors.

yeah that would be ideal if your not into sweat patches :stuck_out_tongue: im keen to hit up the you yangs , back in nsw my place backed on to the watigan mountains so many cool trails there

Distributors - Australia

Genius! I know a guy who works there, maybe I can offer him a hand shandy and see what happens.

Also, if you want to roll at Lysterfield or Beeaconsfield, hit me up.

no worries , need to swap my macdaddys back on my bike first and get the rear wheel re laced and i’ll be all set

get one of these cuns instead

But I always carry 2 bottles!

Edit: ahhh, but for a short trail ride I guess I mightn’t need to.

I know you’ve stated why, but I would still suggest a Deuter bag with the special back ventilation gizmo’s they use. That way you can take all of the crap off your frame and have everything where you need in your bag, carry lots of water and have room for a jacket etc. With the weather turning sour that could be important.