Saddle Help

I think to maintain consistency we should pronounce this ‘S-laughter’, just like S-works.

If you’re happy with Arione on the road but want a little relief the obvious choice would be an Arione versus, they have a wide channel down the middle. Not for everyone though, I tried out an Antares versus and the relief channel made it feel like two very sharp corners were pushing in to me. Most uncomfortable I’ve ever been on the bike. As everyone else has mentioned though saddle choice is personal so maybe it’d work for you.

Also, for track racing most people come forward on the saddle quite a bit so the whole sit bone/saddle width thing might not be as applicable as it is for road.

There were a lot of people riding the schawlbe rock razor (the slaughter is pretty much identical) at the enduro. They are both marketed as trail bike/enduro tires, I’d be running one on the back if I had a dually but I don’t think they are suited to XC sensibilities.

I pretty much only ride Charge Spoons. The best part is that they cost very little.

I’m using a Rolls on the track. It’s tearing the ass outta me.

Three saddles every one should try
Specialized toupe( I prefer s works)
Specialized romin

Thanks for the responses guys. After a little more searching I found this video How To: Measure Sit Bone Width For Saddle Selection - YouTube. Managed to find out I’ve got a sit-bone width of about 97mm, so chasing a saddle width around 122 - 130mm. I’m thinking I’ll go with the Arione Versus and move on from there if that’s not a goer. Got a few test saddles kicking around at work so I’ll throw those on and have a play.

I bought a Specialized Avatar just then (143mm version), will see how it goes and try the romin or toupe comp gel in a bunch of different widths if it doesn’t work out.