Saddle =/= Level

saddle plane is one of the most common things that people don’t get right. internet pics also help make saddles appear out of plane.

now, what i’m after is a concensus for measurement…how should one measure to make sure your saddle is “level”

put a ruler/plank of wood/hardcover book on top so that the two highest points are parrallel?
ignore the rise at the rear of the saddle, and just measure from the sit point to the highest point along the nose?

given there are many different shapes for tails and noses, can a general rule (with only a few exceptions) be generated??


whatever dosnt hurt your gooch?


And don’t expect the Brooks aficionado’s to have theirs level.

Dont post photos of your bike on the internet. Just go ride it then nobody will know how unlevel you saddle is!. Problem solved.

It depends on bike fit, body shape, saddle and more.
But I run just out of level nose down.
This helps put my hips in a better spot and takes the weight of my gooch.

What does Lance ride?

Depends on the saddle you’re using but trying to level it by tip and tail doesn’t work on a lot of the time as many are not flat. If you make sure the middle section of the saddle is level you are usually heading in the right direction as far as comfort is concerned. It can look a little nose down sometimes so it might not be aesthetically pleasing to everyone.

i run fizik antares saddles and they are pretty much dead flat so a spirit level does the trick

I reckon Prolly does it too high at the front:

I think ‘vintage’ saddles look better with the nose slightly lower:

someone call the Prollice! Shit’s about to get hectic down under again!!!