Saddle rail size issues

Hey guys need a little help with a new saddle I just received in the mail.
It’s a selle italia slr carbonio with carbon rails, I have an easton ea70 post I wanted to use with it but now I an unsure if the post will clamp properly since the saddles rails are ovalised. Do I need a new post and if I do any recommendations? Thanks!

They’re ovalised vertically IIRC? So long as the rails are 7mm across and sit in your saddle clamp ok you should be fine with your EA70*, just watch your torque doing it up (do you have a torque wrench?) and make sure there aren’t any burrs on the clamp.

(*edit: on reflection…not sure why you want to put a $300 saddle on a twenty dollar stem?)

Yeah they are vertically ovalised 7x9.6mm. When I start doing the clamp up there as slight gaps where the rails are not sitting 100% flush.
I don’t know if this is normal since I have always had round titanium rails or whatever and know they will fit just fine, No torque wrench though.
Just going to tighten it ups slowly until it doesn’t move and hopefully not break the rails.

oooh don’t like the sound of that - sounds like small points of concentrated load on a thin, weight-bearing crabon thing - you might really be better served by finding a seatpost that mates nicely with the rails…

Yeah that’s what I figured, at least I have an excuse to buy a nice seat post of some sort. Maybe an ec90 if it’ll clamp properly.