Saddle..should it be level?

I got a saddle and post yesterday for the bike I’m building and stuck it in the post whole…looks snugg enough however the saddle seems to be tilting up at the front (lower at the back) and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to adjust it OR am I just stupid?

Careful dude this could go down hill fast.

You can adjust the saddle from the seat post - should be a bolt under neath facing up towards the seat (the same one you used to put the saddle onto the seat post with). It should adjust tilt.

We were all noobs once, but Gabriel, start searching before you make threads.
Search here,, Sheldon,

If you still need help, then chuck up a thread.


do some research before you post general bike question

It’s official


thing is people need this information in the first place to know that they should check there first

If you call yourself an idiot once more I just might believe you… :stuck_out_tongue:

gabriel has obviously answered his own question.