Saddle sore season.

Seems to be the season for them. 2 or 3 weeks ago I rubbed one up big enough to merit its own postcode and the hurt was becoming more than a bit distracting. I think I was also favouring one side and throwing my hip out a little each ride. Not good.

To the point – after wandering in to several chemists over the last couple of weeks and explaining my story and getting blank looks and trying everything from nappy rash cream to pawpaw ointment to hemorrhoid cream and the bastard not getting any better I lucked on A CHEMIST WHO IS A CYCLIST!! A young bloke at the Black Rock Chemist gave me a little pot of behind the counter stuff called simply “Dermatitis Ointment”. One of those mysterious old school chemist things, mostly zinc and wool fat. It’s working, after 2days the sore is nearly gone, and no pain at all on this morning’s 3hr roadie outing.

Most halfway decent chemists would have something like it. Get onto it (or not, if you are a vegan and/or have an allergy to wool fat).

the sheep’s gift to humans!
Lanolin, ie: wool fat, is an awesome cure-all for skin wounds/rashes/burns/blisters etc etc. Also works well on your leather shoes or saddle. Rad natural fixing-power.

+1 good tip will remember when I’m in pain