saddle sores.

i have one.

it sucks.

that is all.



Get a syringe bro and drain that shiz.

I’ve just been through a period of about 3 months of having them nearly constantly (yeah I know too much information) after having many years of saddle sore free riding. They seemed to coincide with a change in my shoes which have a lower stack height (bonts) and after some doing some web research I had my fit rechecked (and adjusted). My saddle was indeed slightly too high and the slight rocking on my sitbones seemed to contribute to the problem - its now fixed.

And a word of warning - a mate of mine let one of his go and ended up in hospital with a tennisball sized infection(boil) that had to be cut out, wadded and drained over a 10 day period!

goddamn i was already feeling nauseous from that earthquake


My old grandad swore by it. He ran a cinema/barbershop/tooth pulling outfit in Woodend in the late 30’s, but he lived way the other side of Ballarat. Commuted once a week by bicycle. He used to swab metho on his arse and balls to harden 'em up for the trip.

I tried it. I started to like it. But my missus complained about the smell.

get on the DZ Nuts train son… (and yes its vegan.)

i was also told that not keeping your chamois clean with an anti-bacterial soap (not just standard laundry powder/shower soap) was another way to end up with them.

i also heard about metho as the ‘old hardman’ solution up there with the ‘newspaper up the front of your jersey for long descents/cold wind’. I’ve tried the newspaper one when caught out by the weather on a long ride, cant say ive tried the metho.

Methanol is an accumulative poison and prolonged exposure can have health effects down the track. If you do want to use metho, at least have a few shots of vodka so your body processes it in preference and you can secrete/excrete the methanol before the formic acid/formaldehyde conversion :slight_smile:

Too much information Stu.

surely i can get someone to do that for me at one of the many reputable gentlemen’s clubs around town…

Sounds like a win-win situation.


I think they might have removed it but type in ‘worlds biggest zit is popped’ on youtube.

You’ll have small amounts of vomit appear in your mouth for weeks when you randomly remember it.

After it flares up get a hot compress on it,
It helps a little.

oh, man there’s some really sick shit there. those things are like volcanos of pus!

saddle sores are unfun.

CraigC showing his saddle sores.

Metho + wire brush. Sure fire solution.

Admit it! You want me, bitch

I’m scarred. I’m scared.

I’d sooo forgotten about that. . . thanks.

How about a “work warning” next time too?

Why? I wouldn’t call what you do “work”…(unless you’re talking about breathing) :wink:

Seemed rather self explanatory to me.

Where else do you find saddle sores?

CraigC is’s Goatse man.