Saddles for stout folks

I’m a cyclist who is over 6 foot and I enjoy weightlifting, eating and drinking beer. As a result I tip the scales at around 102 kilos, a figure which is not likely to go down very far very soon.

I reckon we of the heavier persuasion have some special requirements as far as saddles go. I went for a 40k ride last night and was dismayed to find myself experiencing a bit of numbness in my gentlemanly region.

This usually often to me on longer rides. I have shifted my saddle forward and backward, up and down and experimented with various angles but I can’t find a common denominator. My saddles is a $40 BBB road jobbie from Cecil walker. It seems to get the job done insofar as it’s something to put my arse on, but I can’t help wondering whether I need something different what with my ponderous bulk and all.

The internet hivemind says “get brooks saddle brooks brooks droooool” but then again the internet hivemind says a lot of things. I want to hear from other portly gents in regard to saddles.

I’m not huge,

But a Rolls Saddle (selle italia) is a great saddle, and very strong.

I find it comfortable. All my bikes have them

selle italia.
trans am on one bike, prolink on the other.

and i’m a big fat ham beast outweighing you by 5Kg, non of from weight lifting except for 1/2 liter at a time.

I fail the hivemind test then, kill me now. I’m around 100kg and my Brooks has been great.

Aaah saddle choice, a highly personal issue. I can speak from knowledge re stoutness, being somewhere roughly 20kg north of you.

I have found something close to saddle nirvana with the Selle Italia Prolink (not the cutout kind). They’re wide under the sit bones and good for thigh clearance. I have them on 2 bikes. I also very much like the SI turbomatic 4s I have on two other bikes.
Not strictly de rigueur in fixie world but they work for me. Rolls’s just don’t suit my anatomy.
I’ve also had a couple of fizik ariones which were surprisingly comfy for a narrow saddle but I cracked the shell on both of them.

San Selle Marco - Regal.

I’m not a small guy by any means so…

rode a san marco rolls due, (the narrower version of the rolls without the flaps coming down over the seat guts. Looks awesome but really didnt win me over on a long ride.

Just put an old 2nd hand Turbo on last week, thing is AWESOME!

Another big fellow here who loves the original Turbos. Have 2 yellow ones over 20 years old still going strong, that get swapped between bikes depending on whether I’m riding the road, track, fixie commuter, mtb or modified bmx.

Did you buy the turbo off ebay?
There was a 2nd hand one that went for $20 or something :cry:

Got it off a mates dads bike.

Two thumbs up for san marco rolls - have 3 of them. Fizik arione is good too - but I am a littley at around 83kgs.

The fit of the saddle comes from your pelvis - the bones you sit on. You can put on, or lose, 50 kg and the bones won’t change. Big or small, you have to match the saddle to your bum bones, not other bits.