saddles, what do you like?

i’m in the middle of wanting a new saddle but don’t know what path to go down.
i know i want a comfortable road seat but what kind should i get.
what is the difference between ones with holes and ones without.
what do you think about this one.

advice needed

i found this one really comfy

price, availability?

I’ve got a Selle SMP composite which I bought from the states about a year ago. They are now stupidly expensive due to the exchange rate, but it is so good I’m tempted to get another one for my road bike.

The composite is just leather wrapped carbon: pretty hard. I’m looking at getting the Evolution model which has a bit more padding. They are on eBay for $189 US. So, WAY up there.

I’ve used Specialized Taupe and Selle Italia SLK saddles… the Selle SMP is by far the best I’ve ever used. Took a while for me to get the set up right though: the nose it up a little higher than you’d expect.

I like my San Marco Rolls.

+1. ive got a new one and an old one. i reckon they get better with age.

also, just got an old turbo. seems pretty good, but havent had a decent crack at it yet.

i’ve got a san marco rolls due, maybe ten years old, it’s a narrower version of the rolls. it’s pretty good, though the shiny gold-look bits are a bit lame.
i’ve also ridden a turbo, again a pretty old one, and i think it was more comfy for longer rides.

I wasn’t sure that there was such a thing as a confortable saddle. I am currently rolling with a San Marco Rolls Due, and man o man, does it suck ass.

i got some form of selle italia on my new ride, but it isn’t on the road yet, so i have yet to out it through its paces.

My next buy in teh saddles stakes would be a brooks. Took one round the block the other day on a mates bike, and although you’d hardly call it through its paces, it felt like it could actually work

repeat: san marco rolls due = PAIN PAIN PAIN.

that is just me though

i won a regal off ebay a few weeks back and i love it :smiley:


I ride a newish rolls… which is awesome if that’s all you’re going to be riding. My other saddle is a fizik arione. Both are great saddles… But it’s hard changing between the two. I prefer my arione for longer rides, but the rolls is great!

i ride a Brooks B17, a good Turbo copy, and a Regal.

i find the Regal least comfortable.

but its different for everybody hey.

and im a fat cunt

thanks for the words of advice lads
im leaning in the path of a new selle

hey all, sorry for the thread dig, but i need some help trying to sort out some pain i’m getting from my saddle (without going into too much detail, it’s leaving me a bit ‘raw’… sorry!!)

having a bit of trouble with my san marco rolls saddle on the pseudo hillman. i thought that any pain i was having was due to longer rides, and therefore somewhat expected. but… my saddle left me in a pretty bad way after the Yarra TT and that was only 13k’s or so i think, albeit pretty much flat out.

just wondering if anyone else has had trouble with san marco rolls saddles before, and if so, what did you do to remedy the problem?
is there a timeframe i need to wait in order for it to “bed in”? at a guess i’d say it’s been on about 3 months, but only ridden 3-4 times a wk.
k-dawg, if you’re still on here somewhere, what did you end up switching to?

in another thread, i think ‘kiwicyclist’ suggested going into a Specialized store as they have a way of testing for the right saddle. problem with that is that i’d rather not go in and get their advice, only to not buy anything from them. money’s a bit tight at the moment in preparation for seattle in january, so thinkin online is probably the way to go…

as always, any help/advice is greatly appreciated. smart arse comments also welcome, but only if they’re good :wink:

saddle advice from the internet is fairly useless. everyones ass is different. the specialised "fitting method’ is an excellent way to sell specialised saddles, not get the right saddle.

leaving you raw…did you wear knicks and chammy cream? if not, there is your problem.
Find a shop that has a saddle test program, that will let you use as many saddles as you need until you find the right one.

on a side note, i remember seeing a study that showed the rolls effectively cut off 90% of blood flow through the perineum. pretty but.

You sit bones may not be supported allowing too much pressure on ya barse if I follow what you mean by raw, I always use slightly wider saddles like the Fizik gobi, arione, a narrow saddle like the concor kills me but I am no light weight at 83 kg. This is just an educated guess anyway, Fizik has some good stuff on their web site about saddle choice and your body shape.

haha but i thought the internet knew everything!! yeah i was more tryin to narrow down the options, but i hear what you’re saying.

i have some vermarc knicks, but don’t have chamois cream. does this go on the chamois itself? to reduce friction/chaffing?

not too keen on the reduction in blood flow, that would explain the numbness i experienced until i got the setup sorted!!!
might try and find a store with a test program, does anyone know of one in melbourne, preferably carlton north/brunswick kinda area? fitzroy revolution/bsc/velo cycles/commuter???

thanks a.davis

+1 for the Selle SMP. I have the glider (i think) which has a touch more padding. Most comfortable saddle i have ever ridden, everything else is a fucking plank of wood with nails in it in comparison.

thanks slinky/hmc

just had a look at the Selle SMP’s on CRC… fuck me that’s an expensive saddle!!! don’t think the budget can stretch that far :frowning:

might have to play around with the setup again.



how much do you want to ahve kids at some point or another?